Gary and Anni Shelton met, married and lived in St. Louis, MO for the better part of their lives.  They and their children moved to Harrisburg in 2001 to become part of the an international ministry.  Leaving their friends and families behind, was terrifically difficult, yet, God's hand was upon them to bring about His perfect plans for their lives.
Gary was” saved”  out of  a jaded lifestyle of drugs, sex and Rock & Roll.  He had experienced it all, in the professional music world and by the time he met Anni in 1985, life held very little significance. …Just when it life seemed completely futile,

Anni was born into a  prominent, Jewish family.  An alcoholic mother and workaholic father left her with a deep well of loneliness that she sought to fill with anything that might numb the pain.  Shortly after she met Gary, she determined that Jesus Christ was her only hope and devoted her life to His service.

Most likely it was the radical life-conversion that the Shelton's experienced which caused them to fall so hopelessly in love with Jesus.  They knew what life was like both ways... with and without Jesus.  Their thankful hearts and deep flowing gratitude set the mood for worship to erupt whenever Gary began to strum his guitar.

Gary and Anni led worship for a couple of small meetings in Toronto back in 1994. 
Those daily meetings, which continued for more than a decade,
were used to impact hundreds of thousands with the love of Jesus. The Shelton's,
while tremendously grateful for what they’ve seen in the past, but will not be satisfied until they see the fiery love of Jesus to sweep the entire world!

Gary says, "The Lord has really spoken to my heart about a few things.
  He told me that my biggest challenge would be being a Father and Grandfather." 

 In the natural, Gary and Anni have five children and four grandchildren.  Spiritually, they have too many to count.  The Shelton's have a nineteen year old daughter, followed by a sixteen year old son, next comes their thirteen year old daughter who everyone but God, thought was the baby of the family, until Judah their five year old was born!  Their oldest daughter, (Gary's daughter from his first marriage) Lindsay, and her husband, Phong moved from St. Louis to Harrisburg in 2003, so that the two families could continue raising their families within close vicinity of one another.  They purchased a home six doors down from the Shelton's.  Lindsay and Phong's four children range in age from twelve to six and a half years old.